Info on the process of booking a Tattoo Session:


Existing Customers:

No need to faff about,

If you know how long to book for, get Booked in here,

OR if it's a new tattoo, please use this Quote Form

Short, sweet & no faffing speeds up the booking process. Thanks. 

New Customers:

I very much appreciate your interest in my work & that getting tattooed is a big deal. This is why I've put so much info on my website.

It is with the aim of making the process as smooth as possible for us both. I understand you might be nervous & hopefully excited, so please read through the info

I tattoo full time, so any e-mails, drawings, website work etc is done outside business hours. So I do really appreciate an efficient attitude towards messages & booking. 

Below is a step by step guide to the process of booking a tattoo appointment.


consultation/Quote, In person or via this Form. ​

Consultations in person are best for large scale & cover-up tattoos.



You can book on-line using this Form



during the booking process you will be able to pay the relevant deposit. Or you can use this page

you can pay with  debit card, Paypal or in person.

*Deposits are required to make a booking* 


Your Design will get drawn for the day of the appointment.

All drawing gets done for the day of the appointment.

I get too bogged down with emails these days to be able to draw designs in advance. This is why consultations or ensuring you've provided all the required information is very important.


Then it's just a case of Preparing for the tattoo session.

Short & Sweet version, no partying the night before.

wear comfy clothes, make sure you've eaten a decent meal & brought sugary snacks with you.

Remember nerves & excitement are totally normal.

Try to enjoy it. It's nothing like a visit to the dentist, you'll leave decorated & not dribbling at all. 

If you still have any concerns please do get in touch.
Many Thanks, Hx 

Songbird Tattoo Studio

1st Floor, 57 High Street

Exeter, EX4 3DJ

01392 254626


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