Preparation for the Appointment:

​Eating & Drinking:
The most important thing to do before coming to your tattoo appointment is to make sure you have eaten.

This ensures your blood sugar levels aren’t low, which reduces the possibility of feeling faint/dizzy. I know that it can be difficult to eat a good meal if you’re nervous, so a sugary drink (not sugar free or diet) or a sugary snack like a chocolate bar will be just as good.

Party Pooper:

​​No partying the night before your appointment. A good meal & early nights sleep will do wonders. Consuming Alcohol thins your blood, meaning it's harder to get the ink into your skin & it heals badly. So if you turn up to your appointment hung over, you will loose your deposit & have to reschedule.


​Comfort is Key:

Make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in, loose fitting clothes are always a win. The nature of tattooing is messy, so please don't wear anything you wouldn't want to get ink stains on.

If you’re getting work done on an awkward to reach area for example your leg, it is worth bringing a pair of shorts, skirt or long dress with you to change into.


To Numb or not to Numb:

​Personally I believe that tattooing should be felt. Pain can connect us with our bodies, endurance of pain can help exercise our mental discipline. Tattooing is an ancient art form, believed to have spiritual & ritual purposes.

Professionally though it can be rather stressful for both the customer & tattooist if the client has a low pain endurance. The tattoo can take much longer than expected, the tattoo can be affected if the customer is unable to relax & remain still.

​So if you have a heavy amount of tattoo coverage already & know you're starting to struggle with the pain tolerance or you're worried you won't be able to sit well.

​I would highly recommend Hush Tattoo Anestetics.

​They produce a range of wonderful topical anestetics for tattooing & piercing that are cruelty free, vegan & use botanicals.

After struggling a lot with the first tattoo session on a large back tattoo, One customer decided to use Hush Gel for the rest of the sessions. The tattoo sessions using Hush Gel was so much easier.

Hush Products need to be imported from the USA.

But you can purchase Emla Here. ​


Going on Holiday?
When booking your appointment please bare in mind that you cannot tattoo sunburnt or recently excessively tanned skin. Therefore I strongly advised booking your tattoo appointment for several weeks after a holiday/traveling. To ensure your skin is healed from any sun damage.


Thanks Hx

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