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Good Aftercare is always important.

There 3 different methods of aftercare you can follow.

*All the methods require a strict hygiene routine*

Until the tattoo has developed a scab, it is an open wound & should be treated as such.

​Ensuring that your hands are washed/cleaned before washing the tattoo

& applying balm is very important.

​Don't use any old balm, as it may contain bacteria & remember don't share balms with others.

​***The instructions below will tell you how to successfully & safely heal your tattoo, however if you have any concerns that your tattoo may have become infected, seek professional medical advice as soon as you can, a GP is the first port of call.***

Adhesive bandage:


It is a breathable film which is applied to your tattoo after 24 hours.

How to video.  

Dermalize website 


*Wet heal' the tattoo during the 24 hour period.

*Peel the paper backing off, place the sticky part of the sheet onto the tattoo.

*Press down and flatten to the skin as much as possible.  

*Then remove the top sheet,

(hold the plastic top sheet where the arrows are and pull the top sheet in the direction of the arrows. This can be a little tender.)

*After 4-5 days. You can remove the sheet, bath & shower with the film on.

Once removed then apply a balm once or twice a day for as long as you wish. It's that simple

I stock the film at the studio, but you can also purchase Here:


Yayo - vegan

balm/cream method


apply a perfume free moisturiser to the tattoo 3-4 times daily,

for 1-2 weeks.

 I personally use coconut or:

Embody Tattoo Aftercare by Boo.

It is important to wash the tattoo at least 2-3 times a day until the scabs/flakes naturally fall off. Never pick the scabs!

 Like any scab that is picked, it will create a wound & can become susceptible to infection. It also pulls the ink out & will require a touch-up. Believe me, we know when a tattoo has been picked.

So as tempting as it is, please don't pick your tattoo.



Wet Healing

Wet Healing can cause 'Heat/Sweat' rash. This can be anything from a small red pin-prick rash to a white spot like rash. It won't affect the tattoos appearance once healed, but it can be painful/unpleasant/itchy so it is best to stop Wet Healing​ ​​and switch to the Balm/Cream Method​, The rash will go within a few days. To help avoid heat/sweat rash it is important to:

wash & re-wrap the tattoo regularly.

Details about 'Wet Healing' can be found below:

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Tattoo Aftercare Hannya Jayne