Consultations are not compulsory but If you're not completely sure about your tattoo design ideas, or if you'd like to visit the studio to chat through ideas and get yourself booked in, that's great. 

Tattoo Consultations are free of charge and are available 9.30 & 10am Tuesday-Saturday. 

























Consultations are usually held at 9.30am & 10am Tuesday - Saturday. My hours do vary, so please use the form on the Consultation page to submit times. Many Thanks Hx
Tattoo Consultation
30 Min.
Free of Charge.

My hours do vary so if morning's don't work for you please use the form below to supply alternative dates & times best for you.  

Then I will find the soonest available appointment & book you in.

Otherwise if you're far away or can supply all the below info, we can discuss ideas over e-mail...

Tattoo Quote Via Email.


Songbird Tattoo Studio

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