Vegan Tattoo Artist Exeter

I'm pleased to be able offer vegan friendly products both during & after the tattoo process. 

Below is a list of products I use at the studio:

*Skin Cleanser

*Vegan Stencil Paper

*Stencil application fluid

*Boo's Process Butter

*Eternal & Panthera Tattoo Ink

*Vegan Soap

*Vegan Tattoo Aftercare

What makes products vegan?

It's not just about 'not containing animal products' vegan friendly is also whether any of the ingredients have been tested on animals.

so products like dettol & vaseline are not vegan friendly

All of the aftercare items can be purchased in the studio or on-line. Just click on the product to find out more.

Thanks Hx 

Songbird Tattoo Studio

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Exeter, EX4 3DJ

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