Vegan Tattoo Exeter

I'm pleased to be able offer vegan friendly products at the studio, both during & after the tattoo process. 

*Not every product is used as standard on every customer* So please notify me before your appointment if you require  Vegan/Cruelty free products, so I can ensure every aspect of your tattoo experience is Vegan, as I understand how important it is. 

Below is a list of products I use at the studio:

*Skin Cleanser

*Vegan Stencil Paper

*Stencil application fluid

*Boo's Process Butter

*Eternal & Panthera Tattoo Ink

*Vegan Soap

*Vegan Tattoo Aftercare


All of the aftercare items can be purchased in the studio or on-line. Just click on the product to find out more.

Thanks Hx 

Songbird Tattoo Studio

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