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As a tattoo artist my work can't be described as one particular style. I proudly specialise in a variety of tattooing styles, all of which are made more unique with my signature 'sketchy' style.

The ability to be diverse with tattooing styles/techniques is due to the first 5 years of my professional tattooing career being in a well known & thriving Walk-In studio.

Typically I'd get through between 7-10 tattoos a day, ranging from script on the ribs to complex music album artwork.

This challenged me to become adaptable as a tattoo artist. 

I'm pleased that I have managed to retain this discipline & utilise it in my tattoos today.


Custom/by appointment large scale tattooing is where my passion is & where my work flourishes.  

Each album below contains a few of my favourite tattoos.

Thank you so much _mrsmoshhugger for giv

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