Tattoo Conventions

& Guest Spots 2020:

Well, 2020 isn't shaping up as expected,

so at this point I honestly don't know what conventions

or Guests will be happening this year. 

But as soon as i know anything, I will post on social media:



Guest Spots:

Basement 13 - Aylesbury: Feb 11-15th & Oct 27th-31st

Good Times Tattoo - London: April 2-4th

Nebula -Wales:  May 8th & 9th

Whispering Weeds - Bristol: Regular dates.  


Milton Keynes Tattoo Fest- May 30th-31st  

Oxford Tattoo Convention:- July 18th & 19th 

Halloween Tattoo Bash.-October 24 & 25th


​If you're interested in getting tattooed at any convention or guest spot please send me an email over to 

with as much info as possible. Thanks Hx

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