How much will my tattoo design idea cost?

Please fill out the form below so I can provide you with a time & cost quote for the tattoo you'd like to have. 

If you're looking for inspiration there are unique designs drawn by myself that are available here

Large scale tattoo work

Is almost impossible to put an exact time on large scale tattooing. 

My sleeve done by the incredible Curly Moore is the photo on the bottom row. This took roughly 40+ hours to complete over a 2 year period.

Heavy coverage tattooing requires patience & some level of perseverance. A good quality large scale tattoo can't be done in one session.  Usually regular sessions booked a minimum of a month apart, to allow for healing, is recommended.

Trying to put an exact time quote on Large Scale tattooing is like asking how long a piece of string is.

Usually session work is booked in for 3-5 hour appointments. 

Session work is priced at £80 an hour.

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Three hour tattoo sessions

Are a great first session for on-going large scale work. It allows us both to see where your threshold is, then subsequent sessions can be extended or reduced.

It is possible to get tattoos completed in a three hour session, these tattoos are priced per piece. Not at the 'session work' hourly rate. 

The top row of photos are tattoos completed in a three hour session. The bottom row are tattoos completed in x2 three hour sessions. 

Single Session Tattoos.

These are tattoos that can be completed in one session. These are priced per design, as always, the size & location you'd like your tattoo to be dictates the time/price quote. 

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