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Hannya Jayne Tattoo Artist Bristol  Tengu Tattoo Studio Vegan Eco Friendly

My style has evolved over the years, but having worked for so many years in a walk-in studio it has  enabled me to stay versatile.  

Illustrative tattoos and large scale tattooing is where my passion has always been. 

Whether it is heavy black work, geometric, dotwork, Black and Grey or colour tattoos, it will always have my 'unapologetically' bold and signature illustrative style.

You can read more about the progression of my style of tattooing here.



I'm proud to have many of my tattoos published in various Tattoo Magazines & websites.

in 2017 I had A 6-page Article in Skin Deep tattoo magazine.

I've also been featured in a Daily Mail article about tattooing and online blogs such as Inkluded & Tattoodo.

My drawings & paintings have been published in US art books & displayed in Art Galleries/Exhibitions here in the UK.


I have been tattooing professionally in both
Walk-In & Custom studios for just over the
past twelve years.
With the first tattoo I created by machine
being 17 years ago. 

Hannya Jayne - About Me

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