About Hannah Jayne.

I've been tattooing professionally in both Walk-In & Custom studios for around the

last 10 years.

With the first tattoo I created being 

13 years ago. 

I believe the eclectic range of my tattoo styles, is a testament to my passion & knowledge of tattooing.   

I'm proud to have many of my tattoos published in various Tattoo Magazines.

A 6-page Article in Skin Deep tattoo magazine.

I've also had articles in the Daily Mail,

online blogs such as Inkluded & Tattoodo.

My drawings & paintings published in art reference books in the US & displayed in Art Galleries/Exhibitions here in the UK.

I was invited to appear on the BBC's One Show to talk about tattooing. 







Taking pride in my work is incredibly important to

me, a pride I hope is

shared anyone

wearing my


Songbird Tattoo Studio

1st Floor, 57 High Street

Exeter, EX4 3DJ

01392 254626



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